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Transportation TIP List: Week of March 12th, 2017

Posted - March 15, 2017

With supply chain operations and logistics, sometimes you just need a little luck of the Irish – especially for those who find themselves transporting Guinness to local pubs during the week of St. Patrick’s Day. Some of the treasures highlighted in this week’s TIP list include the newest FMCSA report and a look at cross-border shipping in light of recent Mexican fuel price volatility. Grab yourself a pint and dive into the stories below!

  • Cross-border Shippers Confront Volatile Mexican Fuel Costs: As Mexico rolls out its fuel price liberalization scheme, shippers moving goods across the border and within the country are dealing with a new problem: determining the impact of fuel price volatility on their transportation costs.

As the supply chain continues to evolve, how are you adjusting your operations to best fit this dynamically-changing marketplace?