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Transportation TIP List: Week of June 12th, 2016

Posted - June 15, 2016

Transportation TIP List: Week of June 12th, 2016

With Father’s Day being celebrated this weekend, many loyal sons and daughters are looking for the perfect tie, grill accessory or tech novelty to gift to their loving dads. And since necessity is the “father” of invention, we’re showcasing some inventive trends in transportation in this week’s TIP List. Read on for all of the details on truck parking tech, digital beacons and potential disruptions in the ocean supply chain.

  • Beacons are Shaking Up the Consumer Packaged Goods Market: Beacons, which communicate with smartphone apps via Bluetooth, are helping brick-and-mortar retailers enhance customer loyalty, gather data about their customers and provide an entry point for in-store shoppers to become more digitally engaged.
  • Supply Chain Keeps America Moving and Working: The intricacies of the nation’s supply chain happen in plain sight every day. And the sector essential to the nation’s commerce and trade looks to create millions of new jobs over the next decade.

What industry technology advancements are you keeping an eye on?