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Transportation TIP List: Week of July 31st, 2016

Posted - August 3, 2016

Transportation TIP List: Week of July 31st, 2016

The months leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio have been filled with much anticipation and a little bit of angst, but the action finally gets underway with the opening ceremonies on Friday. In honor of the dedicated athletes who will be dazzling viewers all over the world, this week’s TIP List showcases some winning transportation stories. Below, you’ll find info about the ongoing truck driver shortage, a controversial rail switching proposal and a surprise inspection blitz. Let the games begin!

  • Combating the Driver Shortage: From the Carrier’s Perspective: There is no denying that the trucking industry is in a state of flux right now. Even though demand is rising, the industry as a whole is facing a monumental shortage of qualified drivers. But why is there a shortage of drivers, and how can we turn it around?
  • 2016 Supply Chains To Admire: The 2016 Supply Chains to Admire Winners and Finalists for were announced in order to help supply chain leaders gain new insights from a deep data-driven analysis.
  • Shippers, Railroads Clash over Switching Proposal: U.S. federal rail regulators have proposed a controversial new rule that would allow shippers without access to other transportation modes to request their freight be moved to a competing rail line.

What events – both supply chain and Olympic – will you be watching in the coming weeks?