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Transportation TIP List: Week of July 16th, 2017

Posted - July 19, 2017

This past week, a number of big-box retailers have left their mark on supply chain headlines. And our TIP List is the one-stop-shop for in-depth info on all of the latest retail trends, including articles about Amazon Prime Day and Wal-Mart’s “On-Time, In-Full” program for shippers. Below, you can check out all of the “big deals” within the industry!

  • 5 Takeaways from Amazon Prime Day 2017: Amazon’s third annual Prime Day has come and gone. This year’s event now ranks as the biggest sales day ever in Amazon history, surpassing both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Wal-Mart Will Punish Its Suppliers for Delivering Early: Wal-Mart has long been known for squeezing its vast network of suppliers – and the retailer is about to step up the pressure with a new program called “On-Time, In-Full,” that will fine suppliers for shipments that are too early, too late or incorrectly packaged.
  • Canada Intermodal Growth Outpaces U.S.: North American originations of intermodal containers and trailers were up 5.4% versus the same period in 2016. In addition, Canadian volume, defined as volume originating on Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway, was up 13% collectively over the same time frame.

 What recent retail trends are impacting your supply chain operations?

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