Transportation TIP List: Week of January 31st, 2016

Posted - February 3, 2016

Transportation TIP List: Week of January 31st, 2016

With everyone gearing up for Super Bowl 50 this weekend, many are weighing in with predictions and placing their bets on who will be the winner. And while we definitely don’t have a crystal ball on hand to see whether the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos will come out the victor, our TIP List offers a full lineup of all the supply chain trends and forecasts you need to kick off the week.

Are you ready for some logistics? Read on!

  • Visualizing Big Data: Imagine you had access to the greatest collection of movies and television shows the world has ever known. Then imagine you had no access to a TV of any kind. That’s the conundrum facing many a supply chain. Lots of data, but no way to understand how that data is impacting their business beyond miles of spreadsheet cells.
  • Concern Rising About SOLAS Weight Rule: When a container without a signed weight declaration shows up at a marine terminal as of July 1, when a new SOLAS rule takes effect, what happens next? How exactly will this rule be implemented?
  • How to Achieve Multichannel Supply Chain Excellence: Retailers are constantly facing a balancing act within their supply chain. The days of the store-only channel are gone, so retailers need a clear vision throughout their supply chain to cope with the multiple methods and combinations of ways consumers shop – all while building customer loyalty.

What industry trends are in your TIP List lineup this week?