Transportation TIP List: Week of February 17th, 2019

Posted - February 20, 2019

The recent observance of President’s Day brought to mind the influential leaders of the past that helped construct the foundations of our country. In honor of the holiday, we’ve curated this week’s TIP List to showcase some of the trends shaping the future of the transportation and supply chain industry. Leading stories include the impact of emerging technologies on managed transportation services and strategies CPG businesses are implementing for success.

  • CPG Success – Top-Shelf Solutions: To succeed in a challenging omni-channel marketplace, successful CPG businesses are reaching for efficient manufacturing operations and new supply chain and transportation models.
  • The Role of Emerging Technologies in Managed Transportation ServicesThe technology landscape is very different today compared to 5-10 years ago, with blockchain, machine learning, real-time freight visibility and other emerging technologies dominating the headlines. Learn the impact of these technologies on managed transportation services.
  • Amazon Sets Deadline for CPG Brands to Overhaul Packaging: Some CPG brands have been summoned by Amazon to overhaul their product packaging to be greener, sturdier and cheaper to ship. Starting in August, manufacturers with products identified for the packaging improvement program will be charged $1.99 per non-compliant item shipped.
  • Cargo Thefts Down 19% in 2018: According to a report from cargo theft recording firm SensiGuard, cargo thefts across the U.S. were down 19% in 2018 compared to 2017, along with a 2% decrease in theft values. The firm recorded a total of 592 cargo thefts in the U.S. last year, worth an average of $142,342.
  • Facing a Critical Shortage of Drivers, The Trucking Industry Is Changing: Recently, trucking companies have had a tough time hiring drivers willing to hit the road for long hauls. Now the U.S. is speeding toward a critical shortage of truck drivers in the next few years – and companies are upping pay, making the job easier and opening it up to new kinds of drivers as a result.

What current industry trends are you seeing lead the way?