Transportation TIP List: Week of February 10th, 2019

Posted - February 13, 2019

Highlights of tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day celebration include thoughtful cards, chocolates and flowers. And this week, our TIP List is inspired by the loving holiday – embracing some of the sweetest trends impacting the supply chain industry. From potential U.S. infrastructure updates to the ability of a TMS to reduce transportation costs, we’re sure you’ll love the articles below!

  • Highway Backers Seek Details, Revenue for Trump Infrastructure Plan: Transportation advocates said they are happy to see President Trump raise the need for infrastructure investment in his State of the Union speech, but they are also anxious to see concrete plans and funding for improvements to U.S. roads, bridges and ports.
  • Combating Transportation Costs and Challenges with a TMS: Capacity constraints, driver shortages, government regulations and robust economic conditions drove up logistics costs in 2018 and applied rarely seen pressure on supply chains. Fortunately, today’s TM platforms provide organizations with greater visibility and more control over their supply chains.
  • Freight Growth Drives Mexican Warehousing Boom: Mexican shippers and transportation providers are scrambling to expand their warehousing and distribution center footprints. This is due to a near doubling of industrial space leased over the last four years that contributed to a market characterized by low vacancy rates and high rental costs in 2018.
  • Intermodal Volume Growth in 2018 Best in Five Years: Driven by tight trucking capacity and the threat of tariffs, intermodal volumes increased 5.6% in 2018, their highest growth in five years, according to IANA’s annual report.
  • U.S. Shippers Pressed to Collaborate as Capacity Eases: Collaboration with transportation partners was a top concern for shippers in 2018, especially those that wanted to nail down capacity and become “shippers of choice.” If the economy slows this year, will closer relations with carriers drop lower on the to-do list, making relationships more transactional?

What industry trends are you embracing this week?