Transportation TIP List: Week of December 4th, 2016

Posted - December 7, 2016

This past weekend, the regular NCAA football season concluded – and the playoffs are right around the corner. While the college teams are perfecting their playbooks with the best strategies for the upcoming big games, we too, are coming to the field with the top transportation industry trends. This week’s TIP List has a game plan for victory, including stories about Otto’s upcoming autonomous truck shipment and innovations in digital freight matching technologies. Tackle the full round-up of articles in this week’s TIP list!

  •  Trucking Under Trump: Opportunities for Hours Reform: While the federal government’s ELD mandate is likely protected from interference from President-elect Trump, Republican control in Washington gives the industry hope for a more relaxed regulatory environment.
  • CPG: The Post-Replenishment Supply Chain Challenge: E-commerce continues to not only grow, but also accelerate, and it now comprises over 8% of US retail sales. The industry has increased by at least 15% year-over-year for the past five quarters, and is defining the future.

What transportation industry trends are you planning for?