Transportation TIP List: Week of August 6th, 2017

Posted - August 11, 2017

Packing backpacks and making lunches is right around the corner as back-to-school time rapidly approaches. And this week’s TIP List is a great way to start off your studying, as it includes all of the transportation trends that you need to know. From Walmart’s OTIF policy to robots being implemented to aid supply chain warehouse workers – get ahead of the curve with the latest industry news!

  • How Walmart’s OTIF Policy Creates New Baselines for Suppliers: Starting this month, Walmart will require full-truckload suppliers of fast-turning items to arrive by the specified date 75% of the time, 100% in full. For any shipments that arrive early, late, or on-time but not packaged properly, the shipper will be charged 3 percent of the total items’ value.
  • A Robot Can Be a Warehouse Worker’s Best Friend: Instead of developing technology to completely replace manpower, some businesses are designing robots to work alongside people. These robots can guide workers to items to be picked or can transport goods across a warehouse to be packed and shipped.
  • The Evolution of The Direct-to-Consumer Supply Chain: Today, consumers are comparing products from multiple manufacturers and retailers in order to find the best product at the best price – all from the comfort of their own home – and then have it delivered within days or even hours.
  • Ocean Pricing: The Tide is Turning: Shippers are witnessing a substantial change in ocean cargo. In fact, we’ve been on a path affected by four major trends for nearly a decade, meaning that a new generation of shippers are entering a market that’s vastly different from the last century.
  • Blockchain Can Improve Visibility in Food Supply Chain: Despite the obstacles of implementing blockchain, the food industry and its supporting supply chains represent one of the most important applications of the technology. Blockchain can help to break down information silos to improve visibility and traceability from the farm to the table.

How is automation impacting your supply chain operations?

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