Transportation TIP List: Week of August 13th, 2017

Posted - August 19, 2017

On Monday, people all around the U.S. will witness a very rare sight – a total solar eclipse. And just like that captivating event, this week’s TIP List includes the brightest transportation trends that we’re seeing in the industry. From the start of NAFTA negotiations to some timeless supply chain truths — grab your glasses and view all of the articles below!

  • States Alter Trucking Schedules to Dodge Eclipse: Several states have adjusted their freight transportation schedules to avoid the influx of traffic bound to snarl the nation’s highways as people descend on the best viewing spots for the upcoming solar eclipse.
  • Ten Timeless Truths of Supply Chain: Change is a fact of life, and supply chain seems to be in a state of revolution these days, with technology in particular mixing things up. Some things, however, remain the same: here are 10 truths that you can count on for the long run.
  • TPG Capital to Buy Transplace, Extending Supply-Chain Reach: A global equity firm’s (TPG Capital) plan to add Transplace to its supply-chain portfolio is the latest example of how rapidly evolving shipper expectations and demands are drawing investment to logistics and accelerating the development of supply-chain technology demanded by customers.
  • ELDs Can Unlock More U.S. Truckload Capacity: In the debate over just how much truckload capacity will be pushed from the U.S. market because of the ELD mandate, the positive facts about safety and productivity improvements often get lost. Those improvements will benefit shippers, motor carriers, third-party logistics providers and drivers.
  • Mid-Year Logistics Industry Review: U.S. GDP grew at about a 2% annual growth rate in the first half of 2017. The logistics and warehousing industry grew at a tepid rate in the first quarter; however, this is positive when compared with the Q1 performance of recent years when the industry actually contracted, likely due to atypical seasonality.

What trends do you think are currently shining the brightest in the transportation industry?

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