Transportation TIP List: Week of April 30, 2017

Posted - May 3, 2017

We are extremely excited for our 15th annual Shipper Symposium kicking off next week! It’s no coincidence this week’s TIP List features many of the timely transportation and supply chain topics that will be highlighted at our event. From recent news on NAFTA, to the future of TMS technology within supply chains, this week’s list is a great preview of what we’ll be covering at Shipper Symposium next week!

  • Trump Drops NAFTA Pullout Threat: The Trump administration recently said it was no longer considering pulling out of NAFTA. This was following intense lobbying from business leaders and lawmakers who rallied to quash internal White House discussion of the prospect.
  • The Best is Yet to Come With Transportation Management Systems: Industry trends such as e-commerce, omni-channel fulfillment, visibility of shipments and regulations are defining and shaping the innovation roadmap for TMS vendors. This is also fueling a new round of mergers and acquisitions and generating a new wave of startups entering the TMS market.
  • U.S. Retailers Face Growing Hostility from Suppliers: Hostility between vendors and the ailing U.S. retail industry is growing. Suppliers are becoming increasingly concerned they won’t be paid for the goods they ship, and they’re taking more aggressive steps to protect themselves.
  • U.S. Infrastructure Still at the Bottom of the Class: In 2013, the ASCE graded U.S. Infrastructure a D+. The ASCE reevaluated America’s grade this year and – not surprising to anyone in involved in transportation or supply chain – again awarded our infrastructure a dismal D+.

 Have recent conversations surrounding NAFTA impacted your supply chain operations?

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