Transportation TIP List: Week of April 23rd, 2017

Posted - April 26, 2017

As this past weekend marked the observance of Earth Day, it’s only natural that we’ve been thinking about the landscape of the supply chain industry. This week’s TIP List highlights stories such as the impact of blockchain transactions on supply chains and reactions to Toyota’s release of a hydrogen fuel cell truck prototype. Get a read on the industry climate with all the articles below!

  • U.S. Shippers Expect Pinch, Not Capacity Crunch, From ELDs: With the introduction of ELDs, shippers and trucking companies are concerned about a potential loss of both capacity and productivity that could push up pricing. However, they’re not expecting a massive capacity crunch following the mandate.
  • What Drives Trucking Market Volatility? : For anyone in the trucking industry, there is one constant: change. This infographic details how natural disasters, eCommerce, weather, seasonality, trade policy, regulatory actions and the impact of driver shortages fluctuate within the trucking market.

Are you using blockchain transactions within your supply chain operations?

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