Transportation TIP List: Week of April 14th, 2019

Posted - April 17, 2019

Although there will be many opportunities to search for hidden eggs during this weekend’s Easter celebration, our TIP List this week presents quite the opposite. The stories included are some of the most noticeable trends impacting transportation, such as a positive projection for the freight market and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi requesting more than $1 trillion for infrastructure improvements.

  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi Eyes as Much as $2 Trillion for Infrastructure: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently told reporters she’s looking for at least $1 trillion for a new infrastructure package — far more than the $200 billion Trump has proposed — and she would like to get it closer to $2 trillion. Pelosi is expected to meet soon with the president to discuss the funds.
  • U.S. Freight Market to Stay in Positive Territory Through 2020: The U.S. freight market in 2020 will likely have moderately positive economic conditions, following “a great year for 3PLs and freight brokers, and a very tough year for shippers” in 2018, according to load board operator DAT Solutions.
  • Economy to Lose $726 Million Per Day if Border Closes: The jobs of nearly 1 million American manufacturing workers are related directly to exports to Mexico, and those jobs would be immediately at risk should the border close. Also, a closure could cost businesses $726 million daily, according to The National Association of Manufacturers.
  • U.S. Transportation Growth to Plateau: Revenue growth remains healthy for all major U.S. transportation sectors, though recent events could level off the rate of growth for some segments in the coming months, according to Fitch Ratings in its U.S. Transportation Trends spring report.
  • Pending U.S. Truck Regulations to Curb Capacity: The trucking industry has successfully worked through the productivity challenges posed by stricter enforcement of federal HOS rules under the ELD mandate, and supply has generally caught up with demand. However, there are a handful of other still-pending developments that could have a major impact on domestic capacity.

What are some “can’t miss” industry trends that you’re currently seeing?