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Transportation TIP List: Week of November 11th, 2018

Posted - November 14, 2018

This past Sunday, the nation observed Veterans Day – and we’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all of the men and women who serve and have served the armed forces of our country. We appreciate all that you do!

Our TIP List this week takes a look at why military veterans make fantastic supply chain employees, and the reasons why many manufacturers are expanding their facilities across the country. Read on for all the industry news:

  • Veterans Bring Skills and “Can-Do” Attitude to Supply Chain Jobs: Today’s supply chain offers a golden opportunity for military logisticians to continue their careers, as well as play a key role in keeping supply chains staffed with competent professionals.
  • More Factories Crop Up Closer to Customers: As of recently, many manufacturers are spending to expand facilities. Companies are looking to build plants closer to customers to offset record-high trucking costs and seek out pockets of available workers in a tight labor market.
  • Using AI to Streamline the Supply Chain: One of the most important components of the factory of the future is a connected, smart and highly efficient supply chain. And because there are so many players involved in the supply chain, there are many processes that can be optimized using AI.
  • Will the New Trade Deal Prevent Mexican Trucks from Entering the U.S.?: A long-running dispute might be reignited in the near future thanks to the trade deal reached between the U.S., Mexico and Canada (the USMCA). While most of the deal is an update to NAFTA, there is a paragraph inserted into the agreement that could disrupt cross-border trade via truck.
  • Tech Innovation to Transform Logistics; Just Not Yet: Unquestionably, a wave of technology innovation is rolling across the transportation and logistics space, forcing firms to take a hard look not just at technology, but where the impact of ongoing innovation leaves them competitively.

How did you show your appreciation and honor veterans this week?