Transportation TIP List: Week of January 21st, 2018

Posted - January 24, 2018

With companies investing in digital transformation, it’s apparent that innovations such as blockchain, big data and autonomous driving are set to advance and optimize supply chains. How is this technology and other innovations impacting transportation?  From the adoption of TMS technology in the freight market to industry regulators preparing for an automated future – check out the articles below in this week’s TIP List that are bringing about digital disruption!

  • Trucking Regulators Prepare for an Automated Future: According to the head of research and technology at the FMCSA, technologies such as automatic emergency braking, truck platooning, cybersecurity, smart parking and more will be top-of-mind for the organization in the future.
  • Why Adherence to SQF Requirements is Crucial to Supply Chain Integrity: In early 2016, the FDA finalized the SQF rule as part of the FSMA. The rule was created to help prevent both intentional and unintentional contamination of the food supply chain from farm to fork. Read on to learn about the requirements of the SQF and see how it’s impacting supply chains.
  • Detention in ELD-Land: Will Shippers Change Dock Practices?: One month into the new ELD mandate and harried carriers, brokers and their customers are so focused on moving freight that a key part of the picture — detention practices — apparently isn’t changing, even though drivers’ minutes are becoming more precious.

 Which technology trend is having the biggest impact on your supply chain operations?