Transportation TIP List: Week of February 4th, 2018

Posted - February 7, 2018

This week kicks off the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea – where the world’s most elite athletes will be competing for gold. And this week, we’re presenting you with our TIP List that includes some of the golden trends currently dazzling the transportation industry. Below, you’ll find info about ocean carrier trends and tips to reduce your supply chain spend. Let the games begin!

  • Ocean Carrier Trends: Will Global Shipping Alliances Restore Stability?: Last year ushered in the formation of three major ocean carrier alliances, all with the hope that this dysfunctional transportation sector would at last begin to find a way to provide shippers with sustainable service while managing to keep its capacity in check.
  • 4 Common Fees to Monitor for Supply Chain Savings: As logistic departments focus more on meeting fast order fulfillment, it can be difficult to save money without changing the mix of services used to less premium ones. These four KPIs can help you focus on maintaining a healthy network by reducing unnecessary and often avoidable fees.
  • The Machine Learning Opportunity in Manufacturing, Logistics: There is increasing pressure in fields such as manufacturing, energy and transportation to adapt AI and machine learning. Many organizations are turning to these technologies to help improve operational efficiencies, optimize workflow, enhance business decisions through analytics and reduce costs in logistics.
  • Wal-Mart Tightens Delivery Windows for Suppliers: Wal-Mart plans on asking suppliers to deliver goods to warehouses within a one-or-two-day window, 85% of the time – or they will be fined. This is in efforts to keep inventory low and shelves stocked as they battle competitor Amazon.
  • Booming Oil Industry Boosts Flatbed Demand: The energy sector heated up in January, which contributed to higher flatbed load counts for the month. Bad weather in some parts of the country also disrupted construction and led to uneven changes in flatbed lane rates in January.

 What events – both Olympic and supply chain – will you be watching in the coming weeks?