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Transportation TIP List: Week of April 1st, 2018

Posted - April 4, 2018

Baseball is officially back! As your favorite team takes to the diamond for the season, this week’s TIP List is hitting the field with some promising trends currently playing out in transportation. From future 3PL mergers and acquisitions to the importance of building solid supply chain partnerships – grab some crackerjacks and peanuts and take a look at the full industry lineup below!

  • Supply Chain Technology Leads M&A Wish List: A flurry of recent investments and M&A activity suggests that 2018 could be an active year for 3PL purchases – as well as for technology firms that provide usable data and an open view of the supply chain.
  • Essentials of a Healthy Supply Chain Partnership: To ensure brands are managing the most efficient, optimized supply chain, they need to reflect on each moving part. This includes relationships with all their supply chain partners, from warehouse and transportation managers to manufacturers.
  • Up Close with International Food Supply Chains – The Need for Visibility and Transparency: All over the world, supply chains are now increasingly seeing the light of dawn as key stakeholders clamor for visibility. And although mandates such as ELD and the FSMA rule may seem to be excessive, they are actually essentially ways through which supply chains could gain more visibility.
  • Truck Driver Salaries Rising on Surging Freight Demand: Wages and benefits for truck drivers are rising in the U.S. as tight freight-hauling capacity falls short of surging demand. A new report says wages rose up to 18% in the past four years and benefits are also on the upswing, adding to higher logistics costs in a tight trucking market.
  • Shippers Continue to Feel the Pain: Tough times continue to remain intact for shippers, based on the results of the most recent edition of the Shippers Conditions Index (SCI). For January, the most recent month for which data is available, the SCI reading was -11.1, which is down from December’s -8.8 and November’s -8.9.

What transportation trends are currently catching your eye?