Transportation TIP List: This Week’s Leading Transportation Industry Trends

Posted - February 22, 2017

Week of February 19th, 2017

The celebration of President’s Day this week was the perfect time to recognize the country’s most inspirational leaders. And the holiday had us thinking about the nation’s top visionaries as we curated this week’s TIP List, which showcases trends that are influencing and shaping the transportation industry. Read on to see what’s leading the way, including stories about the future of retail brick and mortar stores, the growth of drone technology and the uncertainty of NAFTA.

  • What if Retail Traffic Declines Last Forever?: The results keep pouring in, and they don’t bode well for brick and mortar retail. Across just about every sector and virtually every time period, physical store traffic continues to decline.
  • Mexican Trucking Past U.S. Border in Crosshairs: A controversial NAFTA plank allowing Mexican truckers to haul goods deep into the U.S. is in the crosshairs as the Trump administration prepares to redo the trade agreement and a court challenge proceeds next month.
  • Making a Run for the Border: Although the future of NAFTA is uncertain and trade challenges remain, Mexico continues to attract foreign companies looking for easier access to the huge U.S. consumer base.
  • Panama Canal Sets New Monthly Tonnage Record: In January 2017, the Panama Canal set a new monthly tonnage record of 36.1 million Panama Canal tons, with the transit of 1,260 ships through both the original and expanded locks.
  • Hanjin Shipping is Declared Bankrupt: All that remains of the stricken Hanjin Shipping Co. will be liquidated after a court order confirmed the demise of the former giant that helped drive South Korea’s economic rise, but has finally succumbed to its ocean of debt.

What transportation trends do you think are leading the charge this week?