Transportation TIP List: This Week’s Industry Trends You’re Sure to Love

Posted - February 15, 2017

Week of February 12th, 2017

With Valentine’s Day taking place yesterday, sweets, greeting cards and roses are just a few of the highlights that Cupid has in store for this week’s loving holiday. And along with all of those charming holiday gifts, this week’s TIP List is here to embrace the latest transportation industry trends. With stories on recent transportation regulations, the future of the TMS market and much more, we’re sure you’re going to love all of the articles below!

  • Trump Reg Rollback Could Derail Switching Rule:The Trump administration’s recent regulatory rollback has thrown into question the future of a long-standing push by shippers seeking to move their freight from one rail line to another nearby network.
  • A Sneak Peak Into the Future of the TMS Market: Alternative solutions for a traditional TMS, including the use of LSPs, transportation execution systems and “free” TMS, are just a few factors that could inhibit the long-term future of the TMS market.
  • Diesel Price Holds: The price of diesel fuel remained flat during the week ending Feb. 6, dropping by just four-tenths of a cent. The average price of a gallon of on-highway diesel is now $2.558 nationwide following the fourth consecutive week of falling prices.

What top industry trends are you embracing this week?