Transportation TIP List – June 2015

Posted - July 9, 2015

Transportation TIP List – June 2015

After celebrating America’s birthday last weekend, it’s only fitting that many of the stories making our TIP list this month have to do with upcoming legislation, growth and progress in North America. From laws focusing on improving infrastructure to an update on the expanding Panama Canal and the growing use of technology all on the horizon—these advances in the transportation and logistics industry will have a definite long-term impact on the USA.

Read on for the top transportation stories that shined bright this past month:

  1. New Transportation Bill Could Finally Solve America’s Infrastructure Problem: Seventeen lawmakers in Congress have introduced legislation to provide federal transportation funding in the long-term. “The Bridge to Sustainable Infrastructure Act,” as it’s being touted by supporters, would require Congress to make the Highway Trust Fund financially sound for at least ten years.
  2. White House Threatens to Veto Transportation Funding Bill; Opposes Restart, Size and Weight Provisions: The White House announced that it would veto a fiscal 2016 transportation funding bill, citing concerns over its funding levels and objections over several trucking provisions. The White House and several Democrats have been critical of provisions in the bill.
  3. U.S. Test of Technology Linking Trucks, Vehicles Advances: “Platoons” of electronically tethered trucks could deliver significant fuel savings for carriers and help improve truck driver retention and safety, but there’s still much testing to be done.
  4. Value of Goods Trucked Between U.S., Mexico Rises: The number of trucks crossing the U.S.-Mexican border is on the rise, but the value of the goods those trucks carry is rising even faster. It’s a sign of the increasing importance of U.S.-Mexican trade and cross-border trucking to U.S. importers and shippers of more valuable industrial and consumer goods.
  5. Panama Canal Expansion Will Unleash Huge Supply of Tonnage for All-water Services: The expansion of the Panama Canal early next year will make an enormous quantity of container ship tonnage available for services that transit the canal, wiping away current capacity restrictions that restrict usage to only small (and inefficient) ships.
  6. House Win Revives Obama’s Pacific Trade Pact: U.S. lawmakers approved legislation key to securing a hallmark Pacific trade deal, partly reversing a defeat that came up the previous week before, in a boost to President Obama’s goal of strengthening U.S. economic ties with Asia.
  7. Global CEO Survey: Transportation & Logistics CEOs Capitalizing On New Technologies: Transportation and logistics CEOs are clear about the disruptive impact of the forces reshaping their industry landscape, and they’re actively exploring new ways to compete. Most importantly, they’re focusing on adopting digital technologies to create value in new ways and developing diverse and dynamic partnerships.
  8. ‘Data Explosion’ Predicted to Unlock Unused Trucking Capacity: Truck drivers may be legally permitted to drive 11 hours a day, but do they? Trucking technology provider PeopleNet reviewed data from more than 200,000 onboard computers used to log driver hours and concluded many drivers don’t even come close to that limit.
  9. 2015 Rail/Intermodal Roundtable: Big Investment is Paying Off: Faced with service issues and declining performance metrics, rail and intermodal providers are keeping investment levels at record highs as they continue to work through the current challenges to get back to pre-recession performance levels.
  10. 4 Way Retailers Can Improve Supply Chain Management: Retailers and their suppliers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver more goods to more destinations faster. To stay competitive, retailers need to know where things are at all times so they can redirect shipments, rebalance inventories and respond to new demands on the fly.

What North American transportation and logistics stories sparked your interest this month?