TransMATCH Success: SMC³ Alliance Award 2017

Posted - February 13, 2017

There is an enormous amount of collaboration and planning involved when implementing a seamless multi-stop truckload solution across numerous shippers – but when done right, it can yield some stellar results. Transplace is honored to have been awarded the 2017 SMC³ Alliance Award at the Jump Start 2017 Conference last month for the results it has seen from its TransMATCH program, in partnership with Best Solution Express and Glanbia Performance Nutrition.

The Alliance Award recognizes successful partnerships that use innovative problem-solving and continuous improvement tactics to achieve valuable results. Alliance is unique in that it measures collaboration and partnership, recognizing each individual player contributing to overall supply chain excellence.


The Transplace TransMATCH team, pictured from left to right (Greg Umstead, Kurt Hepker (Glanbia) and Matt Lowery). Also on the team (not pictured) Jack Dierks, Phil Golike and Zachary Chopp.


To celebrate this award, we wanted to share some of the key challenges and results of the successful partnership between Transplace, Best Solution Express and Glanbia:

The challenge that led to the formation of the partnership: As Glanbia’s 3PL provider, Transplace determined that Glanbia’s claims ratios were greater than the industry average, which offered a starting point to help reduce its overall transportation costs and enhance efficiency.

Transplace immediately enabled processes to help reduce the claims ratio – and implementing its TransMATCH program helped to reduce it even further. With TransMATCH, Transplace created multi-stop shipments within Glanbia’s network and determined opportunities outside of Glanbia’s network to achieve the benefits of multi-stop truckloads. Best Solution’s network and service was quickly identified as a premiere carrier to partner with for this program.

The specific goals of creating this project:

  • Reducing cost
  • Reducing claims ratio
  • Reducing handling and exposure to outside risks.
  • Improving transit time and on-time percentage to consignees

Collaboration among Transplace, Glanbia and Best Solutions was critical to achieving the goals set for the program, but there was additional collaboration needed with other shippers within the TransMATCH program. Using its enhanced visibility of Glanbia’s entire transportation network, the Transplace team determined eligible shipments and identified viable candidates for those shipments. Then, a multi-stop truckload solution was created with Transplace’s proprietary transportation management solution (TMS).

Best Solution’s nationwide carrier network was able to support Transplace and Glanbia’s unique needs, and their driver base is able to accommodate the necessary numerous stops and handling – a unique service that is not typical among truckload carriers.

The proven results and benefits of this partnership: The positive results of the collaboration have been realized through reduced transit time, improved on-time percentage, reduced damage and a decrease in costs. The program saw immediate success in terms of improved visibility across shipments with all parties collaborating and consolidating efforts within Glanbia’s network. Additionally, as the program progresses, more of Glanbia’s shipments will be included within the project, leading to greater improvements.

Transplace has helped Glanbia reduce its overall transportation network costs and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to improved sales and growth. Glanbia’s supply chain has been positively impacted through this program and it has been able to deliver to customers faster and more efficiently while providing security to its products.

There were many lessons learned throughout the development of this program, but open and honest communication among all partners was certainly the most significant aspect its success.

A special thank you to Best Solution Express, Glanbia and SMC³ !