TransMATCH: A Shipper Solution

Posted - November 28, 2016

By: Greg Umstead, Vice President, Fleet & LTL Services, Transportation Management, Transplace

Increasing visibility, speed-to-market and efficiency remain constant goals for shippers to continue working to improve. And at Transplace, we’re relentless when it comes to looking for new ways to optimize our offerings to help shippers meet these goals. Recently, we’ve made a number of changes to our TransMATCH program to create more opportunities to consolidate in a multi-shipper environment and truly provide the best possible supply chain outcomes for our customers.

Our TransMATCH program provides an optimization opportunity for shippers with under-utilized capacity through a multi-faceted collaboration network. The TransMATCH program leverages not only our deep knowledge of the shipping industry and technology, but also a network of shippers and years of logistics experience to help create the perfect load – with measurable results.

This program offers the opportunity for multiple shippers to combine large LTL and/or partial TL freight to create multi-stop TL shipments. And a great shipper match results in:

  • Transportation cost savings
  • Reduced working capital
  • Inventory improvement
  • Greater order fill rates
  • More frequent deliveries
  • Increased flexibility to support customers
  • Reduced dock congestion and delays
  • Reduced carbon footprint

With the revamped program, Transplace will be working to proactively consolidate shipments across our entire active customer base for all clients. And there are a number of key shipment criterion for a good “TransMATCH”:

  • Origin and destination
  • Number of pallets and weight
  • Distance of greater than 500 miles
  • Partial TL rated shipment
  • High LTL benchmark
  • Temperature control shipment with cube space
  • Shipments that require reduced transit time


Using these criterion, we have created an environment in which we are looking load by load across our whole customer network to see exactly where and how we can save our customers time, capacity time and money.

Collaboration has long been a focus in the transportation industry, but its realization has been a challenge because of the manual processes and lack of scalability. Transplace continues to work with its partners and customers to provide solutions that allow for enhanced scalability, visibility and velocity in the market.

Have you considered trans-loading as an option for time savings and enhanced efficiency?