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Top Three Logistics Tech Trends for Shippers to Stay Competitive

Posted - March 25, 2021

Staying on the leading edge of technology requires time and capital investments, along with innovation and a corporate culture that values iteration.

The FreightWaves staff interviewed our Chief Technology Officer, Jim French, to get an inside view on high impact trends in logistics tech. He says Transplace has been increasing technology investments 25 percent each year for the past four years.

“We take innovation and invention seriously and encourage our employees to push the envelope on what’s possible with our advanced technologies,” Jim said.

With all of the logistics and supply chain advancements now available, it can be confusing for shippers to identify high impact technology investments that will help them stay competitive in 2021 and beyond.

Jim offers the Top Three Logistics Tech Trends for Shippers to Stay Competitive.

From data-driven decision making to contingency planning and business continuity, logistics technology specialists are able to minimize risks and spot opportunities to save costs to help shippers make smarter decisions for better business outcomes.

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*The above is an excerpt from an article first published in FreightWaves.