The Value of Transplace’s Acquisition of M33 Integrated

Posted - October 9, 2015

The Value of Transplace’s Acquisition of M33 Integrated


By: Frank McGuigan, President & Chief Operating Officer, Transplace

As you may have heard, Transplace recently acquired M33 Integrated. A third party logistics (3PL) provider, M33 Integrated has particular strength in the flexible packaging sector, and brings a strong management team, innovative technology and an excellent customer base that are complementary to Transplace’s capabilities.

There are a number of key reasons why acquiring M33 Integrated presents significant opportunity for Transplace and our customers.

1.   Strengthening Our Industry Expertise: M33 Integrated is a great fit for Transplace both in their capabilities and in their culture. The company has deep industry expertise and an excellent customer base, particularly within the packaging, chemical and advanced materials sectors. They will add approximately 60-70 customers to Transplace’s growing customer base.

2.   Expanding Our Geographic & Market Presence: The addition of M33 Integrated, and its Greensboro, NC operations center and Greenville, SC technology center, which will become the Transplace Southeastern Center of Excellence, expands Transplace’s geographic footprint across North America, as well as its mid-market presence. Both our customers and our carrier community appreciate when we are closer to the markets in which they reside and serve.

3.   Reinforcing Our Growth Strategy: The acquisition of M33 Integrated supports Transplace’s strategy of complementing its strong organic growth with selective, strategic acquisitions in order to meet the supply chain needs of its growing customer base. We continue to seek companies with strong management teams, diverse customer bases and shared values.

4.   Supporting Our Commitment to Customers: Transplace is committed to continuing to provide exceptional services and innovative solutions to its customers, and acquiring M33 Integrated further supports that commitment. Our belief is that the sum is worth more than the parts and that all of our customers will benefit from the density of our expanded network and the acquisition of talented personnel.

Supporting Transplace’s Commitment to Advancement and Growth

Transplace is committed to strategic growth and the continuous development of our people, processes and technology in order to provide our customers with outstanding service and innovative solutions. This acquisition, like the five other acquisitions Transplace has completed over the last five years, has been driven by the goal to increase our capabilities and better serve our customers.

Previous acquisitions have helped broaden our vertical experience, strengthen intermodal capabilities and expand geographical reach while facilitating organic growth. This commitment to advancement is continued with the addition of M33 Integrated. M33’s knowledgeable, experienced team and diverse logistics products better positions Transplace to deliver greater efficiencies and cost savings to our combined customer base as well as future customers.

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