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Sweet Recognition: Transplace’s Employee Award Programs

Posted - July 22, 2016

Sweet Recognition: Transplace’s Employee Award Programs

By: Jessica Lynch, Vice President of HR, Transplace

Throughout the month of July, we’ll be sharing our “Sweet 16” anniversary as a company with you here on Logistically Speaking. In this post, I’ll be highlighting some of our internal employee programs and how we award those who have truly gone above and beyond for our customers. Let’s dive in to the recognition programs that we have here at Transplace!

Transplace Challenge Coins

Transplace Challenge Coins are awarded to employees who are recognized for excellence demonstrated through dedication to our Core Values. The coins are meant to be carried as a daily reminder, and the idea of the Challenge Coins have a history with the military. There are six coins — one representing each of the four Transplace Core Values, plus a Transplace Coin and the President’s Coin:

  • Respect the Individual Coin – We treat our colleagues, customers and suppliers with dignity and respect.
  • Thrill the Customer Coin – We strive to create the greatest service value to our customers, settle for nothing less than service excellence and have the honesty to admit where we fall short and the courage to improve.
  • Process & Technology Excellence Coin – We are proud of our accomplishments, but are never satisfied with our results and relentlessly pursue continuous improvement.
  • Growth & Profitability Coin – We owe it to ourselves and to our shareholders to be a vibrant, growing and profitable company.
  • Transplace Coin – Demonstrating excellence with respect to all our core values translates directly to the continued growth and success of our company.
  • President’s Coin – In every interaction, project and process, we must demonstrate commitment to the success of Transplace.

Each coin is awarded by a different member of our executive leadership team, and the recipient is determined at the executive’s discretion based on input and feedback from other company leaders – making receiving one of these coins a real achievement!

Transplace Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year

Transplace Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year recognitions empower all employees to nominate others for excellent contribution during the year. All employees are eligible (excluding Executives and VP’s) to be nominated for this award, and all employees may nominate others or themselves. This award provides company-wide visibility into employees that “go above and beyond” to make a very meaningful and significant impact to Transplace or its customers.

Their Stories: Great Employees

Celtic Intermodal Coordinator, Tracie Flaischaker was recently lauded for her great customer service. The customer, a leading retailer, commented on her proactive communication and stated that she “stays on top of their freight and always communicates” to keep them informed. Additionally, Tracie helped to suggest routing sequences for this customer’s multi-stop shipments in order to keep the dray carriers out of route miles to a minimum – since the customer’s optimization software does not consider the origin ramp location, thus creating inefficient pick up routes at times. The customer’s load planners commented that they have confidence in Tracie’s ability to ensure their freight gets picked up, especially during their peak season.

Rob Aydelette, Transportation Broker II, was selected as the Transplace April 2016 Employee of the Month. Rob consistently goes above and beyond his scope of duties to thrill both internal and external customers, and demonstrates a focus on proactive customer service. Additionally, Rob always handles situations with a sense of urgency. He stays late to follow a situation through, he assists the afterhours team when he knows there is a load that has become “hot” and needs extra attention. He is always the go-to Broker when help is needed late at night or even on the weekends. He has a can do attitude, and exhausts every effort to ensure customer satisfaction!

Morgan Phipps, Strategic Carrier Manager, was selected as the February 2016 Employee of the Month. Morgan has been a crucial process owner in a substantial amount of the Value Improvement Savings Program projects for a leading CPG customer, achieving a total savings  of $270,946 so far – and Morgan has been directly responsible for $199,821 of this achievement. She has been the key driver of this customer’s truckload bid, intermodal bid and current interim bid. Her leadership has been critical to realizing significant savings and she was also a key driver in securing pack season capacity as well as alternate capacity. Morgan’s dedication to the customers’ business, work ethic and insights are some of the very best that Transplace has to offer our customers.

Pride Awards

Founded in 2013, our Peer Recognition Program has created formulized awards based on integrity and excellence from our employees at Transplace. In particular, our PRIDE Awards (Peer Recognition for Initiative, Dedication and Excellence) empower employees and managers to recognize peers and employees for contribution at any time throughout the year and provides a tool to formalize a “thank you” for excellence. Any single employee can recognize any other employee, and this isn’t limited to organizational or location boundaries.

If an employee at Transplace sees a colleague going above and beyond, he or she can recognize that employee and send a formal “thank you” through the PRIDE Award system, which is also shared with person’s manager and relevant leadership. These awards further help us to live out our core values and leadership principles and allow for a truly collaborative spirit within Transplace.

Stay tuned here on Logistically Speaking all month as we’ll be sharing some very powerful employee success stories that you won’t want to miss!