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Improve Your Transportation Management Program with Lean Six Sigma

Posted - August 24, 2015

Improve Your Transportation Management Program with Lean Six Sigma

By: George Abernathy, President & Chief Commercial Officer, Transplace

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a quality initiative program that provides value to both customers and employees. LSS provides an opportunity for employees to be able to obtain a skill set and training in an area that brings value to their company and customers through the elimination of waste and error.

Lean Six Sigma’s Role in Transportation Management Today

There has been a change in how the marketplace thinks about quality in the supply chain in recent years. Lean Six Sigma is a program that combines the best of Lean, which focuses on the reduction of waste, and best of Six Sigma, which focuses on reducing error. In the supply chain, especially in transportation management, there is a real need for elimination of waste and to instill more efficient processes.

By looking at both internal and external projects and opportunities, you can uncover many areas to apply LSS principles when it comes to transportation management. For example, LSS principles can:

  • Eliminate errors and drive significant savings when it comes to streamlining internal processes. Companies are able to increase their volume of business without requiring more resources.
  • Help companies cut down on external waste for their customers by reducing extra expenses and driving savings.

There are multiple touch points between businesses and customers where waste and error can be eliminated. In transportation management, some of the most common places to look for reducing waste is in the procurement and operations process, establishment and execution of routing guides, and in reporting.

Getting Started with Lean Six Sigma

Look to work with a provider that has a strong LSS program in place that you can take advantage of. Transplace, for example, provides a point of entry for customers who may not have their own quality initiative programs or training within their own transportation management group. We invite our customers, at no cost, to train among our own employees going through the program. Customers are able to observe quality initiatives firsthand at Transplace and see how LSS can be effective, while earning their own LSS certifications.

You can learn more about the impact Lean Six Sigma can have on transportation management by viewing the video below.