From the Transplace Team: Thank You Truck Drivers!

Posted - September 18, 2015

From the Transplace Team: Thank You Truck Drivers!

As National Truck Driver Appreciation Week comes to a close, we wanted to say one last thank you to all of the hard working American truckers on the road. Truck drivers play a huge role in our everyday life and our country’s economy, and they deserve our deepest gratitude. Whether you followed our contributions here on the blog, submitted a photo showing your admiration, or took a moment to say “thank you” to a truck driver you know, your involvement has helped make this a great week!

The trucking industry employs over 7 million people, so it’s fitting that our team at Transplace wanted to share their appreciation to all those who show such amazing dedication to their truck driving jobs. Employees from our offices throughout the U.S. took some great thank-you shots that we wanted to share. Check out the photos below!


 How did you celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week?