Expanding Our North American Footprint: Transplace Acquires Lakeside Logistics

Posted - December 5, 2016

By: Frank McGuigan, President & Chief Operating Officer, Transplace

Last week, Transplace announced that it has acquired Lakeside Logistics, a Canadian-based logistics services company that delivers customized managed transportation services and solutions to help shippers optimize supply chain operations and reduce transportation costs to support business goals.

This acquisition presents a number of significant opportunities for Transplace and its customers, as it:

  • Strengthens Our Geographic Presence: The addition of Lakeside Logistics’ Oakville, Ontario headquarters further strengthens Transplace’s already significant presence throughout North America. This acquisition better positions our team to deliver transportation services that fit the many diverse intra-Canada and cross-border shipping needs of our customers.
  • Demonstrates Our Commitment to Consistent Growth in Canada: This acquisition reinforces Transplace’s strong commitment to expanding the company’s geographic footprint in Canada, which includes the 2012 acquisition of Canadian 3PL provider Torus Freight Systems and the opening of offices in Calgary and Montreal in 2014.
  • Reinforces Our Ongoing Growth Strategy: The acquisition also supports Transplace’s ongoing strategy of complementing our strong organic growth with selective, strategic acquisitions in order to meet the supply chain needs of our growing customer base.
  • Supports Our Commitment to Customers: Transplace is committed to strategic growth and the continuous development of our people, processes and technology in order to provide our customers with outstanding service and innovative solutions. Bringing the Lakeside Logistics team on board better positions us to deliver transportation services that fit the shipping needs of our customers.

As a true customer and continuous improvement-focused lead logistics provider, Lakeside Logistics is a perfect fit to support our vision to deliver the optimal blend of logistics technology and transportation management services to our customers in the manufacturing, retail, chemical and CPG markets.

At Transplace, we are proactively looking to expand and strengthen the company in order to deliver outstanding supply chain services to our customers and help them gain a competitive advantage – today and in the future. Through this acquisition, in addition to the other recent acquisitions, we have made the investments necessary to ensure that we are prepared for 2017 and beyond. Our customers will continue to see added network efficiency and enhanced operational excellence as a result of these strategic acquisitions.

You may find more information on this recent acquisition here.

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