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Expanded Eagle Premium Service Delivers Intermodal Opportunities

Posted - December 11, 2015

Expanded Eagle Premium Service Delivers Intermodal Opportunities

By: Carlos Godinez, Director, Mexico Intermodal, Celtic International

Union Pacific, in conjunction with Ferrocarril Mexicano (FXE), has recently introduced expanded service on the Eagle Premium rail line and now offers new routes connecting the city of Silao in central Mexico to Chicago and Memphis. As a direct result of this service expansion, central Mexico is now bridged with the Midwest, Canada and the Southeast – opening up a number of new and exciting possibilities for shippers and offering them extensive benefits.

Benefits of the New Silao Service

For both northbound and southbound shipments, this expanded service can offer reduced costs and wait times at the border, allowing shippers to move goods quickly and safely to and from central Mexico region (called “The Bajio”). Shippers will also see a number of key benefits from this expanded market, including:

  • Access to the largest rail container fleet in North America: UMAX/EMPs (+80,000 boxes).
  • Door-to-door intermodal service in double stack 53 foot containers.
  • Additional security, as loads can run more safely cross-border on a train than on a truck.
  • Enhanced efficiency through pre-dispatched and pre-cleared loads, creating a seamless move with no stops at borders. This eliminates the delays, additional costs and risks associated with regular over-the-road crossings.
  • Coverage in significant markets like Canada, the Northeast, Memphis and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Reliable service and competitive transit times.

This service will run 6 days a week with 6th day delivery both directions to and from Chicago, Memphis and Silao. This route can certainly be an efficient and cost-effective capacity option for shippers looking to enhance transportation savings and reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing intermodal transportation with truck-like transits.

Growing Business in Mexico

Rail transportation, including bulk, general cargo and intermodal, has been a key factor in the expansion of trade between the U.S. and Mexico, and this Eagle Premium expansion continues the ongoing intermodal growth in North America. Intermodal has been a great savings and capacity solution for many cross-border shippers – particularly in light of recent driver shortages – and no one is expecting traffic across the Mexico-U.S. border to slow down anytime soon.

And due to this recent growth and the value-added benefits of intermodal, there will be continuous investment in projects such as the expanded Eagle Premium service. The investment in better processes, connectivity and operations will continue to increase capacity, expand ramp operations and improve service within the growing Mexican railroad network.

Celtic International keeps expanding its cross border transportation options for the shipping community on both sides of the border and is a priority partner with the Class-1 railroads, enabling them to utilize those relationships and offer complete door-to-door tracking and tracing. Opportunity abounds with cross-border intermodal transportation, and shippers should certainly be aware of how to take advantage of the benefits presented by intermodal, allowing them to bypass crossing issues and congestion at the border while also reducing their overall transportation spend.

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