BIG NEWS: We’re Introducing our New Weekly Transportation TIP List!

Posted - August 5, 2015

BIG NEWS: We’re Introducing our New Weekly Transportation TIP List!

Do you want to be in the know on the latest transportation industry insights and important logistics topics? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! For those who are already familiar with our monthly TIP List, you know it’s a handy list of articles showcasing current hot topics in transportation. Due to popular demand, we’ll now be updating you on a weekly basis!

This week’s TIP List includes a number of news items concerning recent legislative and economic developments that are affecting the North American transportation community. We hope you find value in this weekly blog post. You can catch what’s trending this week below and read the full article by clicking on any of the links.

  • Senate Signs Off on DRIVE Act but Long-Term Obstacles Linger: The Senate has signed off on a six-year surface transportation authorization along with a three-month extension for surface transportation efforts that was recently voted on and approved by the House, passing by a 65-34 margin. But while it provides some optimism for a new long-term bill that is badly needed to provide some stability and overdue attention for national and state transportation infrastructure-related projects, it is not likely to go anywhere in the short term.
  • East Coast Ports Face Warehouse Crunch: East Coast ports are falling behind on supplying warehouse space to meet booming container traffic. The expansion of the Panama Canal is reshaping seaports up and down the U.S. East Coast, but data shows that East Coast ports aren’t meeting demand in one key area: the supply of warehouse space at or around marine terminals.
  • Tonnage Growth Still Tepid: Truck tonnage continued to grow at a tepid pace in June, rising 1.8% from a year earlier as factory production and retail sales stalled and inventories remained high. Last month’s gain narrowly outpaced May’s 1.5% year-over-year growth, which was the lowest since February 2013, when it fell 4.3%.
  • U.S. GDP grew 2.3% in Q2 2015: United States gross domestic product (GDP) expanded at an annual rate of 2.3 percent in the second quarter of 2015. Commerce attributed the acceleration in U.S. economic growth to positive consumer, state and local government spending; increased exports; and a deceleration of imports, which were partly offset by federal government spending, private inventory investment and nonresidential fixed investment.

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