5 Improvements for Driving Positive Sourcing Outcomes

Posted - June 6, 2016

5 Improvements for Driving Positive Sourcing Outcomes

Today, sourcing has become a common discipline in supply chain and transportation management. And over time, an organizational expectation has been established that transportation modes will be sourced and cost will be taken out of the network with some regularity. However, meeting these expectations while maintaining service year-over-year has become more challenging.

To get more out of the market, we need to change the approach. Data, technology and better decision-making can help find and deliver value. But we have to dig deeper. There are five important characteristics to improve upon in order to continuously drive positive sourcing outcomes. These qualities are interdependent and you need them all to get the best out of the market and collaborate effectively with your supply chain partners and internal stakeholders.

So, what are these important characteristics? Click on the the infographic below to find out!

5 Improvements-01

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