2016 Carrier Symposium: Congratulations to Our Carriers of the Year!

Posted - August 12, 2016

2016 Carrier Symposium: Congratulations to Our Carriers of the Year!

By: John Lower, Director of Strategic Carrier Management, Transplace

Last week, we were thrilled to hold our Annual Carrier Symposium in Lowell, Arkansas – a collaborative forum for carriers to network and discuss current transportation trends and challenges that are impacting both carriers and shippers in the industry. This one-day event hosted 200 attendees from Transplace’s core carrier partners and 125 carriers were represented.

Attendees of this year’s Carrier Symposium were able to listen to engaging industry speakers, including Jason Seidl, Managing Director at Cowen and Company, who discussed the ongoing effect of diesel prices, Cheryl Bynum, National Program Manager from the EPA who shared information and updates on the SmartWay program, and Regional Vice President of National Accounts, Matt Feighner, from Clean Energy Fuels who spoke about current and future natural gas strategies. Attendees were also able to hear from executives from each of Transplace’s business units and gain insight into our business strategy and goals.

Through these informative presentations and interactive discussions, attendees were given the chance to learn about and give input on a number of topics of interest, including:

  • The voice of the customer and what shippers are asking from their 3PL.
  • What 3PLs rely on carriers for – not just capacity and service but also critical feedback and industry insight. This knowledge can help 3PLs be a true bridge between carriers and shippers.
  • Key regulations affecting the industry, such as ELDs.
  • The short and long term outlook on the cost of diesel, as many carriers are looking at alternative fuel strategies to take them into the future.

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The Carrier Symposium has continually grown and evolved since Transplace first started hosting it a number of years ago, and we recognize that, more than ever, 3PLs should be investing in strategic carrier management efforts and carrier relationships.

We encourage our carriers to proactively bring ideas to us for ways to strengthen relationships and drive operational excellence, and the Carrier Symposium further supports that effort. The event provided an opportunity for carriers to hear about the investments Transplace has been making as a company along with insights about what Transplace is hearing from its shipper customers. The better carriers understand our customer’s challenges priorities, and the better we understand the challenges and priorities of our carrier partners, the stronger and more collaborative the relationship will be.

At Transplace, our Strategic Carrier Management Program is designed to uncover growth opportunities for our carriers and continue to strengthen these relationships. We have participated in a number of initiatives working toward helping shippers become a shipper of choice for carriers, but we also want to continually evolve our important relationship with carriers as a 3PL. We have expanded our team and refined our strategies to continue to help carriers, and attendees at this year’s Symposium contributed valuable insight toward these goals.



Winners of the 2016 Carrier Awards

The Carrier of the Year awards are the capstone of the day at the Carrier Symposium, and recognize some of the transportation service providers that are the best of the best. We’re always excited to be able to present these awards, as they recognize those providers with strong, collaborative relationships, consistent high performance and truly exemplary on-time service.

The selection criteria for these awards are data-centric, based on companywide quantitative figures as well as survey feedback from supported customers. Some specific areas that are important in the selection process include on-time service, tender acceptance, claims and EPA SmartWay partnership. Additionally, ease of doing business factors such as responsiveness and customer service are also key elements under consideration.

This year, Transplace recognized a total of 20 service providers in a number of various categories and these stellar companies represent the top one percent of our carrier base across all lines of business.


Thank you to all who participated in this year’s Carrier Symposium, and congratulations to all of the winners of our Carrier of the Year Awards!



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