Shipper Symposium 2015 – Day 2 Recap

Posted - May 6, 2015

Shipper Symposium 2015 – Day 2 Recap

The 13th annual Shipper Symposium was in full swing on Day 2, getting started with a business update on Supply Chain Consulting from Brooks Bentz. Brooks discussed his goal of building the strongest possible group of supply chain professionals, while keeping in mind that, “consulting is a team sport!” He highlighted how changes in the market are constantly occurring, and since shippers and carriers live in a state of permanent volatility, they need to be very agile as well as responsive. His final thought stressed amping up technology and emphasized how utilizing data and information is truly critical to meet today’s market needs.

After the business update, it was Tim Solso’s turn to take the main stage, and he offered his insight on effective business leadership. Tim spent nine years in personnel (HR), and in that role, he saw “the good, the bad, and the ugly” in leadership, and learned exactly what good qualities in leaders are. He pointed out that “the common denominator in business is leadership – this is what makes a company great over the long term.” He also highlighted how to create the right environment as a leader, the various roles of leadership as well as critical leadership responsibilities and qualities. According to Tim, “The role of a leader is personal involvement. Get to know your people, and be involved in selection, evaluation and coaching. Be in the game!”

Day 2 also provided some great breakout sessions spanning a number of insightful, top of mind topics – from the Food Safety Modernization Act, and cross-border challenges to capacity and sourcing issues, as well as the carrier’s perspective on efficiency strategies. Over the networking lunch, many attendees made it outside to check out a very cool sight – the Peterbilt “SuperTruck!” Just take a look at the size of that bold, aerodynamic beauty!

Helping to thwart any sort of after-lunch food comas was a surprise special visitor – a drone!  Hovering over their heads with a camera to showcase a great aerial view, the drone set up a fantastic discussion on the “Futuristic Supply Chain”, which focused on 3D printing, drones and driverless trucks. Brent Hankins, Advanced Concept Lead Engineering at Peterblit, and Dan McCarthy, VP of Operations at Solidscape, discussed respectively the future of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS, or autonomous vehicles), as well as the current roadmap for how 3D printing is going to be (positively!) affecting the supply chain of the future. One of the key takeaways came from moderator Adrian Gonzalez who highlighted a truly bright future: “Whatever we talk about here today, if we were to reconvene in 5 or 10 years, it would be very different. These technologies evolve incredibly quickly and will go beyond what we can even think about today.”

Last, but certainly not least, was speaker Dr. James Maas, who kept our attendees engaged and humored. Focusing his talk on, “Sleep for Success!”, Dr. Maas explained that most of us are moderately to severely sleep deprived – in fact, 71% of people do not meet the recommended 7.5 to 9.25 hours per night. It turns out that if you get more and better sleep, you’ll be healthier, in a better mood and get more done!  By the end of the session, attendees truly understood just how critical it is for top executives (and everyone else!) to take sleep much more seriously.

We ended the night right with a charity auction dinner, where attendees got the chance to enjoy great food and great company, all while supporting a truly wonderful cause! Proceeds from the dinner benefited the Strike 3 Foundation and Earth University.

We look forward to what our final day of Shipper Symposium will bring. You can catch it all here! And stay up-to-date on all things Shipper Symposium by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or join the conversation by using #TPSS15!

What was your favorite moment from Day 2 of Shipper Symposium?