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Transportation TIP List – March 2015

Posted - April 1, 2015

Transportation TIP List – March 2015

With March Madness coming to an exciting conclusion, we’re taking a quick “timeout” to make sure you’re up-to-date on the most current compelling stories in the transportation industry. The focus of this month’s TIP list is the future – from cyberattacks and new technologies, to a possible radical transformation of the “traditional” supply chain, these articles have us looking ahead and thinking about some very exciting things to come. Read on to discover the trending topics from the past month!

  1. ATA Calls on FMCSA to Make CSA Improvements: Criticisms of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program at a recent U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing should hasten action by the FMCSA to make important changes to the program, including revising the program’s Safety Measurement System methodology.
  2. Carriers Threatened By Cyberattacks, Experts Warn: It turns out that the 15 top container carriers could currently be at risk of significant and damaging cyberattacks. “We ran penetration tests and we concluded we could walk into all of them,” said Lars Jensen, CEO of Seaintel Consulting and Cyberkeel. “So far, we have not found a system we couldn’t get into.”
  3. 13 Key Considerations When Selecting a 3PL and the Difference Between a 3PL & 4PL: When it comes to efficient and cost-effective transportation management, it’s crucial to work with a trustworthy 3PL. This article showcases 13 key considerations as you search for the 3PL that’s perfect for your company.
  4. US-Canada Truck Traffic to Get Faster Customs Clearance Through Agreement: The U.S and Canada recently signed a historic agreement establishing the framework for pre-clearance processes at U.S.-Canadian border crossings, marking the first time pre-clearance will be available for all modes of transportation — land, rail, marine and air — in both countries.
  5. Intermodal Freight Market Facing Big Challenges: Intermodal freight movements are finally recovering since a tentative agreement was worked out between West Coast Port workers and shipping companies, but diversions of freight from the West Coast are expected to continue.
  6. White House Launches Textile Manufacturing Initiatives:  President Obama has announced nearly $500 million in public-private investment to strengthen American manufacturing by investing in technology through a new, textiles-focused manufacturing institute competition led by the Department of Defense.
  7. Economy Still Sending Mixed Signals as Capacity Crunch Looms: Some economic indicators have not bounced back as well as others in the recovery from the Great Recession, but trucking seems to be doing well. However, experts still advise preparation for the “mother of all capacity shortages” that’s set to appear during the 2017 to 2019 time frame.
  8. Target to Cut Thousands of Jobs, Invest $1 Billion in Supply Chain & Technology: Target plans to save $2 billion over the next two years as part of its efforts to grow and increase profitability with operations, technology and process improvement savings, supply chain and sourcing efficiencies and restructuring.
  9. Gulf Of Mexico Poised For Oil And Gas Production Growth: The Gulf of Mexico (GOM) accounts for the majority of oil and gas production on the Outer Continental Shelf, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has announced that its proposed GOM Lease Sale 246 would offer all available unleased areas in the Western GOM Planning Area for oil and gas activity.
  10. Traditional Supply Chains to Undergo Radical Transformation by 2025: Traditional supply chains will radically change over the next five to 10 years as a result of new technologies, competition and customer demands. On average, companies expect to invest heavily in new supply chain technologies over the next two years, with the top 17 percent spending over $10 million.

Did we leave out any key topics? Get in the game and let us know what would be on your TIP list this month!