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Transportation TIP List – January 2015

Posted - February 4, 2015

Transportation TIP List – January 2015

In order to keep up to date with current supply chain and transportation topics, we’re starting a regular blog series for the New Year – the Transplace TIP List! Why call it the TIP List? For 2 reasons: to highlight the Transportation Industry’s Progression forward and to curate a short list of current articles that highlight where and how this is happening across verticals and hot topic areas.

Each month, we’ll compile a sampling of the top trends and topics in the industry, including some of the most relevant supply chain stories, industry advancements and tales in trucking.  This month’s TIP List checks in on these areas and a host of other meaningful matters. See what was trending in January – and click any of the links for the full article!

  1. US West Coast Port Struggles May Shift Rising Imports East: The pendulum of containerized cargo flows may be swinging back the East and Gulf coasts, aided by a southward shift in Asian manufacturing, and given an extra push by renewed questions about reliability of West Coast ports.
  2. Greening Supply Chain Management: Today, companies in every sector are seeking to green their supply chains. Some are also looking upstream, forcing their suppliers to meet their green supply chain standards while more innovative companies are looking downstream to the customer level.
  3. Manufacturing Expanding and Leading Indicators Rise: Reports from survey respondents suggested that improving domestic economic conditions continued to boost new order levels, but overall export demand remained lackluster.
  4. Despite U.S. Shale Slowdown, No Oil Price Recovery Yet: Crude oil prices have fallen almost 60 percent over the last six months – and may have further to fall.  A rebound could take some time, despite increasing signs that the downtrend will end.
  5. Controversy Rages on Despite US Decision to Allow in More Mexican Trucks: The U.S. Department of Transportation’s decision to finally open up the border to Mexican trucking companies has resolved none of the political controversy and still faces severe political backlash.
  6. Fuel Savings Not Enough to Lure Intermodal Shippers Back to Trucking: Lower truck fuel surcharges on their own won’t prompt many shippers to shift cargo from intermodal trains back to the highway. Why? Because the savings aren’t that great and trucking capacity is tight.
  7. Trucking Operators’ Biggest Worry for 2015? Keeping Up with Demand: With a big wave of orders for new model trucks and strong U.S. economic growth, a scarcity of truck drivers is now the biggest threat to trucking growth and any plans to add capacity
  8. The Cost of Holding Off On Supply Chain Improvements: As businesses continue to emerge from the 2008 recession, they are faced with the very real need to upgrade their talent, processes and tools. The challenge most companies face is ‘where and when.’
  9. Consumer Prices See Their Biggest Decline in Six Years: U.S. consumer prices recorded their biggest decline in six years in December and underlying inflation pressures were benign, which could bolster the case for delaying the first interest rate increase from the Federal Reserve.
  10. Pipeline Ruptures Plague Oil And Gas Industry: It’s been a rough start to 2015 for safety concerns at pipelines transporting oil, natural gas or their byproducts throughout the country. A pipe in West Virginia became at least the fifth to rupture so far this year. Where do we go from here?

Stay tuned for next month’s TIP List.  And let us know if you have any questions, comments or other topics you think are important to cover – we’re all ears!

What’s on your TIP List this month?