Innovative Solutions for the Mexican Market: Hershey Mexico’s TMS Implementation

Posted - July 31, 2014

Innovative Solutions for the Mexican Market: Hershey Mexico’s TMS Implementation

In August of 2013, Hershey Mexico, a subsidiary of the largest chocolate producer in North America, went through a highly successful Transportation Management System (TMS) implementation. The company had been discussing their growth plan for the upcoming years, and realized that it was necessary to optimize their transportation network and operations.

Hershey Mexico was a solid candidate to utilize a TMS system for a number of reasons, as the company:

  • Works with a number of different, diverse carriers
  • Covers a large amount of territory in Mexico
  • Distributes from 4 separate large centers
  • Utilizes 12 different types of vehicles with a variety of load sizes, with/without temperature control
  • Generates 17,000 shipments of chocolate, chocolate milk, sugar and refreshments per year!

Hershey Mexico selected Transplace’s proprietary TMS software based on its functional and technical capabilities – and didn’t hesitate to get rolling with the implementation. In just four months Hershey Mexico’s carriers started experiencing instant visibility to freight, allowing them real-time access and communication to bid on loads, minimizing miscommunication on routes, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of service. The company has significantly improved cost savings and vehicle utilization, and is manually adjusting shipping documents less and less. In addition, both automated activities and overall productivity have seen a significant boost.

Check out the video below to hear Juan Galdo from Hershey Mexico share insight on the implementation process and additional benefits of a TMS.

What optimization strategies are you using for your transportation network?