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PSST! Why HR Requires Your Attention

Posted - May 12, 2014

PSST! Why HR Requires Your Attention

In 2011, Transplace increased its focus on human resources (HR). First, by hiring Adrianne Court as Chief Human Resources Officer and second by supporting her vision, which transformed the HR functions within the organization in less than two years. By focusing on areas such as continuous investment in learning and professional development, reward and recognition and talent development programs, we’ve seen the impacts of a great HR department that are felt both internally by employees and externally by customers.  And most recently, others have recognized it as well. In December, Adrianne was named as DallasHR’s Human Resources Executive of the Year Award, an annual award recognizing an HR executive who has exemplified the strategic role of HR and who is an outstanding leader within the HR community.

What’s helped Adrianne garner success along the way? Thinking and acting like a business person. By doing so she’s been able to create effective and innovative leadership programs at Transplace that build upon the company’s four core leadership principles:

  1. To lead by example.
  2. To communicate effectively.
  3. To build a great team.
  4. To deliver results.

“When you think about all of the leadership elements we have incorporated within the business with great results, including reduced employee attrition and external recognitions by industry leaders and customers – this is what it means to create a competitive talent differentiator while also being a strategic business partner.”

— Adrianne Court, CHRO, Transplace

Branding our company’s talent as a competitive differentiator means customers are getting more than just a third party logistics (3PL) provider, it means we’re ensuring we have excellent Transplace people in place to deliver a great customer experience that drives real value. As Adrianne and many others fulfilling the HR role across the logistics industry can attest, finding supply chain talent has its own unique challenges.  Proven processes and the best technology don’t mean a thing if you don’t have the right talent in place.  To hear more about this timely topic, you can catch Adrianne in action this week at the annual Shipper Symposium as she’ll be moderating a panel on: “Fueling Talent into Supply Chain and Logistics.”

Keenly focused on our greatest assets – our people – Adrianne has been able to transform the HR functions at Transplace in just a short amount of time, and we couldn’t be prouder of her and the successful programs she’s built.

How is HR transforming your company? Have you noticed a lack of supply chain and logistics talent?