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Top Tweets That Captured Key Themes of RILA 2014!

Posted - March 3, 2014

Top Tweets That Captured Key Themes of RILA 2014!

From the inspirational speakers and sharing supply chain insight, to being able to build upon relationships – RILA gets better every year!  This year’s event gave us the opportunity to strengthen connections and network within an outstanding community of retail, supply chain and logistics professionals. We were also listening to the #RILAsupply chain hashtag on Twitter throughout the conference and came across some really insightful tweets! Here are some of our favorites, in no particular order:

  • Surgere, Inc. @SurgereInc: “Change creates unique opportunity only if your attitude allows for it” #emmittsmith #RILAsupplychain
  • DeloitteCB @DeloitteCB: Collaboration should be top of mind for execs seeking to develop or maintain leading market positions #RILAsupplychain
  • Melanie Nuce @auntmel: #omnichannel means we are supply networks, not supply chains. Collaboration is critical. @officedepot @RILAtweets #RILAsupplychain
  • Melanie Nuce @auntmel: Long-term success in omni-channel means you can’t chase every shiny object! Keep priorities clear. @RILAtweets #RILAsupplychain
  • Melanie Nuce @auntmel: Customers are looking for relationships, not just transactions. Provide solutions beyond product @Petco @RILAtweets #RILAsupplychain
  • Ship CN @ShipCN: “Collaboration is the secret ingredient to  a productive and effective supply chains” #RILAsupplychain
  • Shannon W. Walker @shannonwwalker: Speed to market is probably as important as optimization in terms of omni channel.  #RILAsupplychain
  • Shannon W. Walker @shannonwwalker: Retailers must be ready to provide next day delivery if a consumer wants it and is willing to pay for next day service.  #RILAsupplychain
  • Jeff Parr @SoCalScouse: Sucharita Kodali ” most consumers will not pay more than $2 for same day delivery” #ecomm #RILAsupplychain
  • Jones Lang LaSalle @JLLNews: Heard @ #rilasupplychain: #Retailers should analyze networks every 18 months, not the traditional network strategy of every 3 – 5 years #JLL

We’d like to thank all of those who connected with us at RILA 2014 for being a part of the supply chain community and continuing to move the needle on transportation! What was your favorite moment or tweet from RILA 2014?