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It’s Time to Strengthen Trade Opportunities with Our North & South American Neighbors

Posted - February 3, 2014

It’s Time to Strengthen Trade Opportunities with Our North & South American Neighbors

Jump Start 2014 in Atlanta was a great event filled with a lot of interaction amongst shippers and logistics companies.

A major topic of focus was the current situation and trade opportunities with both our North American and South American partners.

On the minds of many attendees were questions surrounding what we can expect to see in the near future when it comes to Mexico and the Panama Canal, and just as importantly – how that will affect exports.

According to Managing Director of Transplace Mexico, Troy Ryley, companies are continuing to move the core of their production to the Mexican marketplace. And, he adds, the message is clear among all players in the transportation industry – moving production across our border into Mexico is a well-established trend that is going to continue on the shipper side, and these companies are going to continue to take advantage of both the hard and soft cost savings. A key question he asked the audience while presenting “20 Years of NAFTA – Perceptions & Realities” was – “Who do we want to make stronger in the world?” Meaning, more specifically, do we want to send our money away or keep it close to the U.S. in support of the America’s region?  There’s an opportunity to not only focus capital and increase purchasing and trading between countries, but also to be more competitive with the fast growing European marketplace.

Europe continues to aggressively grow their trading block, and Troy is concerned the Americas are falling behind and dilly-dallying around with a 20-year agreement that has and continues to work. The evidence and data we have on NAFTA says so. And the next logical step, he says, is to move forward with the next phase, which is to create a true and more simplified free trade environment with Mexico and Canada. We should also look farther south to see if there are similar partnerships to explore. As Troy says, “A healthy, strong neighbor is a good neighbor to the US!”

A final highlight of Jump Start 2014 was accepting an Alliance Award for International Transportation presented by SMC³ and World Trade 100 – an honor and a thrill!