A Quick Look Ahead: RILA 2014

Posted - February 21, 2014

A Quick Look Ahead: RILA 2014

By Matthew Menner, Senior Vice President of Strategic Account Management, Transplace

I’m looking forward to attending RILA’s Retail Supply Chain Conference next week (San Diego, Feb 23-26) for a number of reasons – and not just because the weather should be better! First and foremost, RILA is simply a great gathering of diverse retail supply chain professionals.  It’s also one of the most focused industry events that I’ve attended, as it exhibits a targeted, almost devout focus on logistics and the supply chain matters with respect to the retail industry and associated service providers.  This conference serves the needs of all the key constituencies in the industry, including the supply chain providers and retailers themselves while keeping a keen eye on what makes it all go – the consumer.

In today’s market, consumers have more and more access to retailers selling like products therefore more options when it comes selecting where they will purchase these goods.  As a result, it’s certainly important for those in the supply chain industry to stay informed on the dynamic retail environment. RILA helps bring together a number of resources to do so, and this year the event will feature sessions on important topics that I’m sure are top of mind for many dealing with logistics and supply chain issues in the retail industry such as:

  • International Sourcing
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Omni-channel
  • Inventory Management
  • Leadership and Development

From my perspective after attending for a number of years, this conference really helps to strengthen existing relationships, establish new connections and network within an outstanding community of retail, supply chain and logistics professionals.  It provides many opportunities to hear new industry challenges directly from practitioners, as well as allows us to learn the concerns of those companies that are at the core of innovation and developing best practices in the industry.

Ultimately, show organizers and attendees of RILA are attempting to improve the efficiencies of these community networks, which leads to a macroeconomic tie-in of landing retail products in the right place, at the right time and at the right price, which increases cost-effectiveness overall.

Lastly, I’ll be checking out this year’s keynote speakers that include:

David Feherty, Professional Golfer & PGA Announcer, Robert Bianchi, Retired Rear Admiral, Supply Corps, U.S. Navy, and Rebecca Halstead, U.S. Army, Former Brigadier General.

Come see us next week in booth #304 if you’re attending RILA 2014. Or connect with us on Twitter (@Transplace) using the event hashtag #RILAsupplychain and stay tuned for our Best of RILA 2014 follow up post.