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What Does Vicente Fox Say? We’ll Find Out at the 2014 Shipper Symposium!

Posted - January 28, 2014

What Does Vicente Fox Say? We’ll Find Out at the 2014 Shipper Symposium!

We are thrilled to announce that Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, will be our keynote speaker at the 12th annual Shipper Symposium, May 12-14 in Dallas!

Vicente Fox served as President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, winning a historic election that ended 71 years of consecutive rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party.  The efforts of Fox’s presidency included big steps toward improving trade relations with the U.S., the support of NAFTA, and decreasing civil unrest and crime.  He worked passionately to boost Mexico’s economy and end government corruption, and has been an inspiration to many in the political and business world.

As we’re getting ready for the big event, we’ve pulled together some fun facts about Fox, from his early life to his many successes in both business and government. Read on for the intriguing rundown!


At the 2014 Shipper Symposium, Fox will examine topics that include NAFTA, cross-border initiatives and infrastructure changes and improvements within Mexico. We can’t wait to hear his insights! For more information on Transplace’s signature industry event, visit http://symposium.transplace.com.