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Upcoming Webinar Preview: Driving ROI through Network Optimization

Posted - October 17, 2014

Upcoming Webinar Preview: Driving ROI through Network Optimization

Streamlining distribution networks and adding efficiency while improving levels of customer service is a major focus for supply chain organizations. How do I manage costs, maximize network efficiency and meet demanding customer service requirements? Companies are increasingly undertaking initiatives in network optimization projects to evaluate strategic alternatives and drive business value.

However, network optimization has changed significantly over the years – new focuses in optimization strategies include factors such as market capacity, risk mitigation and identifying quick wins at both tactical and strategic levels. There’s also a new importance being placed on working with both upstream and downstream partners to develop a sustainable and efficient network.

In an upcoming webinar hosted by World Trade 100, Transplace’s Ben Cubitt and Prasad Mahajan will share a panel discussion with Alex Pulko from Zep Inc., and discuss some important aspects of network optimization as outlined below.

Strategy: Network optimization used to be infrequent and extremely challenging projects.  Today’s network optimization tools and improved access to network data means that shippers can model complex networks as needed to respond to the more dynamic market conditions currently faced. Today, shippers can spend more time comparing alternatives to determine the optimal network for their business, versus fighting to get poor data through a large, cumbersome, resource-intensive project.

Key questions to ask include: What is in scope – entire network? Inbound? Outbound? All business units?  All modes?  Who should you involve in your planning and implementation? What questions, especially in relation to new products, investments or acquisitions, should you be asking to frame up your strategy? How might the network change over a reasonable timeframe (3 to 5 years) – new products, major customer changes, changes to manufacturing/co-packers, suppliers, changes in order, lead time? Is there an opportunity to share facilities – model by business unit, model mixing centers, opportunities for internal/external collaboration?

Methodology:  Network optimization projects require discipline and adherence to a well-established project timeline.  At Transplace, we have a proven methodology that we’ve used with more than 50 customers in the last 3 years alone, in addition to proprietary tools such as Llamasoft and Optimize Prime to tailor unique parameters for optimization.

The webinar will share insights on proven network optimization methodology, including tips on “critical success factors” and equally important potential decreases to productivity levels that must be managed.

Case Study – Zep Inc: In addition to these insights, Alex Pulko, Supply Chain Manager at Zep Inc., will also be joining the webinar panel to discuss the above topics and how his company has applied them to its network optimization process. Alex will be sharing some tremendous outcomes he has seen as a result!

Best Practices: We will conclude the webinar by advocating best practices to approach and execute network optimization projects based on our experience and changing trends in the industry.

Join us on October 21st, 2014 at 2:00 pm EST for this not-to-be-missed webinar showcasing proven methodology, tools and the latest and greatest best practices in network optimization strategy. To register, click here!

What are some of the areas of network optimization that you’re interested in hearing about in this webinar?