Getting the Most Out of Your Freight Broker: Part 1

Posted - November 13, 2013

Getting the Most Out of Your Freight Broker: Part 1

Our first of 3 posts on how to get more out of your freight broker has us asking: How do you know when you’ve found the right freight broker? Getting a deal on price is always a good thing, but there’s more to shipping than just price — you need to find a carrier that understands your specific business priorities and needs.  Rather than just negotiating the terms of a transaction between you and the carrier, a good broker will partner with you to learn exactly how your business works, then deliver fast and efficient service solutions that match your specific needs.

Ask these 5 questions when evaluating any potential freight brokerage partner to determine if they can provide you with the service that’s right for your business:

1. Is the broker reputable and financially stable?

A broker’s safety ratings and federal licenses are public knowledge, and while financial solvency can be tricky to determine when the broker is privately owned, a few well-placed phone calls can reveal potential issues.

2. Does your broker act as your single point of contact?

When brokers use multiple modes of transport, superior carrier management can be the difference between efficiency and a complicated hassle. Make sure your broker has the coordination capability to make your transportation logistics effortless.

3. Is your broker available when YOU need them?

A true partner treats you like a valued customer, not a “one and done” job. Your broker of choice should be someone who helps you strategize for the long haul.

4. Does your broker only use quality carriers?

Putting carriers through a proper vetting process to make sure each vendor meets the highest standards of reliability and quality is critical. Can you trust your broker holds its carriers to these high standards?

5. What’s your broker’s service level rating?

Your success depends on your broker’s ability to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively handle your freight.

If the answers to some or all of these questions make you think twice about your current broker, it may be time to re-evaluate. Contact Transplace Capacity Services to start asking the right questions now.