Top 10 Tweets From CSCMP 2013

Posted - October 25, 2013

Top 10 Tweets From CSCMP 2013

What a great 2013 CSCMP Conference!  Whether you stopped by our booth and spoke with us in person, or followed our #CSCMP2013 activities on Twitter from afar, thank you for connecting with us!

We couldn’t recap CSCMP 2013 without sharing a list of the best tweets we saw from the event! So here they are (in random order) — the top 10 best tweets that caught our attention during CSCMP 2013. We hope you enjoy these, and we look forward to continuing to move the transportation and logistics conversation forward!

The Supply Chain Guy @SupplyChainGuy

#CSCMP2013 What a great educational event. Did u know that issues related to TALENT keeps most #SupplyChain executives awake at night?

Sherrie Miller  @SupplyChainSher

53% of 3PL users feel their supplier relationship is more collaborative than 3 yrs ago #CSCMP2013 #cscmp

Sherrie Miller  @SupplyChainSher

The top 3 ports bring in 60% of all containers; the top 25 account for 98%. #CSCMP2013 #cscmp

Ashling  @PNAshlingS

Shippers don’t seem to view 3PLs as commodity or just price play. #3PLStudy #CSCMP2013

Mark Mirsky  @markmirsky

Jim Blaeser – international shippers seek to do more themselves, but they need lots of help. 3PLs need to up their game #CSCMP2013


Reoccurring question at this year’s #cscmp2013: Where are all the #truck drivers? What are we going to do? My answer: treat truckers better!

Dave Blanchard @supplychaindave

Ted Stank: Hiring and training the best talent is the #1 requirement for transforming a #supplychain | #CSCMP2013

Sherrie Miller @SupplyChainSher

Supply chain agility is characterized by 5 distinct dimensions: alertness, accessibility, decisiveness, swiftness & flexibility #CSCMP2013


It isn’t rocket science: invest in people & you will see a return. #truckers #supplychain #cscmp2013

Diane Palmquist @dianepalmquist

Ajesh Kapoor: “We need to start thinking about TMS as an application and a platform.” #CSCMP2013

Have a favorite tweet or topic from CSCMP 2013?  Feel free to share it with us!  Do any of our tweets really stand out to you?  Let us know which one is your favorite. We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio next year for CSCMP 2014!