Transportation TIP List: Week of October 30th, 2016

Posted - November 2, 2016

Daylight saving time ends this Sunday, which means we “fall back” and gain an hour of both sunlight and sleep. And that extra hour should free up a little bit of time to “fall into” this week’s TIP List. See below for all the stories, including intermodal transportation trends, news of Uber’s first self-driving truck and the impact of 3D printing on the supply chain industry.

  • Intermodal Transport: The Little Engine That Could: After two years of steady acceleration, intermodal transportation in North America hit a slowdown in 2016. Volume in the second quarter of 2016 fell by 6.1 percent compared with the same quarter in 2015.
  • Amazon Could Be A Lot Bigger Than We Think: Amazon’s data-savvy e-commerce model may have a far bigger reach in retail than commonly understood — signaling more threats to mass market retailers. In fact, Amazon’s yearly sales account for about 15% of total U.S. consumer online sales.
  • US Crude Oil Stockpiles Drops Unexpectedly: Nationwide crude stockpiles unexpectedly fell 553,000 barrels in mid-October. Supplies along the West Coast decreased by 2.26 million barrels to 47.1 million, the lowest since January 2015.
  • Motor Carrier Regulations Update: Caught in a Trap: The nation’s 44th president has led a regulatory assault on American business, specifically the $748 billion trucking industry. During Obama’s two terms, Washington regulators have produced 600 major regulations, with dozens more in the pipeline.

What industry trends are you gaining insight into this week?