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Forbes: “Real-time Visibility Helps BASF Excel”

BASF has been using a real-time visibility solution from MacroPoint, a Descartes company, to improve their delivery reliability as well as improve the productivity of the transportation providers they use to service the North American market. But implementing great technology is not enough. Getting the most out of software also requires dealing with both internal and partner cultural issues and improving processes. According to Bill Wehrle, the Director of Supply Chain for isocyanates and inorganics in BASF’s Monomers strategic business unit, the journey that BASF has been on to improve their supply chain’s reliability started eight years ago.

Mr. Wehrle spoke at Descartes’ user conference Evolution in March. BASF Corporation, a chemical company headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, is the North American affiliate of BASF SE, of Germany. BASF has more than 17,500 employees in North America and has sales of over $16 billion.

Eight years ago, Mr. Wehrle was talking to one of his colleagues, David Bazzetta, about the problems they faced surrounding their bulk trucking shipments. He admitted that the problems they were facing with late deliveries and unhappy customers were mirrored by the frustrations their truck carriers were having surrounding route optimization and poor asset utilization. He further recognized that these large carriers were serving multiple chemical companies. Mr. Wehrle and Mr. Bazzetta decided to create a “Bulk Trucking Symposium” and invited some of their largest bulk trucking partners to the inaugural event.

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May 15, 2018
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