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  • Transplace TMS & Advanced Technology
  • Global Transportation Management
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Transplace TMS & Advanced Technology

Our state of the art propriety transportation management system (TMS) provides our shippers with a totally unique experience specific to only Transplace clients. The use of a fully digitized method and deployment of algorithms to monitor shipping requests and the use of automated auctions TMS is able to fulfill and execute tasks more efficiently than any previous manual processes being utilized by others in the industry.


Global Transportation Management

As the largest MTS provider in the US, Transplace makes tracking and planning of our clients’ freight movements around the world our priority, by executing everything on the shipper’s behalf. Our professional logistics experts are always available to help manage, resolve issues and most importantly give our clients the peace of mind when it comes to their precious cargo, while providing lower costs and movement predictability.


Transplace Platform Services

TPS is an advanced multi-tier service tool that is an easily enabled API that works with most existing and proprietary TMS systems in the industry which caters to the shipper’s specific needs and know-how. This multi-functional system allows our shippers to perform any tasks ranging from something as simple as estimating costs of operations to Dynamic Continuous Movement tracking services.


Global Trade & Customs

At Transplace we take pride in being the largest transportation organization in the US, and we make our shippers’ needs a top priority.

We realize how complex shipping could get whether it is local or all the way across the world, that is why we offer our customers end-to-end visibility of movement of their shipments, knowledge of international customs rules and regulations, storage facility and warehouse brokerage services, all while maintaining a focus of providing most cost effective solutions to our clients.


Capacity Services

Transplace brokerage services have allowed our organization to become North America’s largest freight network and offer the most advanced analytics, technology, customer service and capacity to consistently stand out to our customers and carrier partners while adding value in the process. Our unparalleled expertise and logistics technology help shippers take advantage of some of the best rates and strategically oversee the movement of your freight. With our ability to leverage every possible mode of transportation and services we make sure that our clients shipments remain in motion all the way to their destinations.


Engineering and Consulting

At Transplace we know the importance of finding the right organization to take care of our clients shipping and transportation needs, someone they can truly trust to get the job done right and be there every step of the journey. The supply chain industry is vastly complex and requires deep understanding and precision in order to execute operations correctly. With a staff of over 130 heavily trained, highly educated and industry certified experts we offer a wide variety of services and tools to our customers to help maximize efficiency and make sure that their needs are always met with great precision.


Best in Class Experience

With many years in the supply chain and logistics industry, we have excelled in our trade and have created an unparalleled experience for our customers. We provide shippers with the ultimate experience by utilizing the most advanced technology, as well as leverage the relationships that we have built over a number of years to deliver not only first class service, but most importantly a peace of mind that you have your in the right hands.

Market Update

The Transplace Market Update is an exclusive report that we meticulously prepare. This report allows our customers to see the market through our eyes, and helps better understand market forecasts, predictions, and statistical data of the supply chain data from every possible angle.

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Great Supply Chain Partner 2020
2020 Top 3PL
2020 Top Green Provider
3PL Global Trade Gold Award
2019 Green Supply Partner
Pros Knows award
Responsible Care Award
2018 Supply Chain Brain Award
2020 Supply and Demand Chain Executive Award
2019 Top 50 Most Trustworthy
2020 Top 10 3PL
Transplace Topics Top 50 award
2020 Freight Tech 100 award

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Customer Testimonials

We have seen impressive examples of the ways Transplace has lowered logistics costs and increased fleet utilization by maximizing vehicle capacity and eliminating empty kilometers. Transplace will automate our data entry and manual processes to save time and labor costs, while increasing efficiencies across our transportation network.

Pedro Urow Mexico Vice President of Operations, Bonafont

Working with Transplace will modernize our logistics processes for greater speed and efficiencies. We’re confident our collaborations will result in data-backed decisions that will mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities.

Blue Bird
Trey Jenkins Chief Operating Officer, Blue Bird

The state-of-the-art Transplace technology meets all of our needs, while allowing easy integration with SAP and AMCS systems. We have 14 locations in Mexico and working with Transplace experts allows us to access packaging industry best practices, along with a deep knowledge of the logistics intricacies of our regions.

Grupo Gondi
Javier Gomez Contreras Logistics Director, Grupo Gondi

We chose Transplace based on the unique value and industry expertise that they bring, including the business intelligence we need to optimize our supply chain operations and work toward increased cost savings. 

Tim Morrisey Dana Senior Global Logistics Manager, Dana Incorporated 

Transplace has been an IPG partner for more than 11 years. I appreciate the Transplace team for their responsive communication. I know that I can call or text someone on the team at any hour if I need help or have an emergency and they will respond right away. 

Zach Kissel Vice President of E-com Services, Intertape Polymer Group

Over the years as we’ve expanded and developed new consumer-appealing food products, Transplace has adapted its transportation management technologies to support us in staying at the forefront of our industry. Transplace consistently rises to our toughest logistics challenges and remains flexible to the day-to-day changes in our dynamic schedules.

Chris Kozak Associate Director of Contract Carriers, Tyson Foods

Our collaborative approach and focus on continuous improvement has enabled us to take advantage of Transplace’s full range of best-in-class solutions in order to drive greater financial and service performance improvements across our entire supply chain. It has also allowed us to be more strategic with our long-term planning and keep our supply chain running smoothly when unexpected disruptions occur.

Scott Stuckenschneider Vice President of Supply Chain, Huhtamaki

Colgate-Palmolive needed a solution that would streamline tracking processes, provide greater visibility into the supply chain, and enable us to make smarter, data-driven decisions. The Transplace Control Tower immediately allowed us to see the exact location of our shipments in real time, and gave us the visibility we needed to run our North American transportation network more efficiently.

Rodrigo Robledo North American Senior Logistics Service Manager, Colgate-Palmolive Logistics