With our never ending quest to improve service to our customers, capacity utilization of our contracted carriers and enhance our carrier relationships, we have developed The Transplace Carrier Merit Program.
This program places Transplace core carriers into different tiers. The first Tier of carriers will receive the most benefits, while being held to the highest performance standards. These carriers will receive The Transplace Platinum Seal of Approval. Our Gold Seal of Approval carriers also have high performance expectations. As such, they are entitled to a set of unique industry leading benefits.
This program will further enhance the collaboration within the Transplace shipper/carrier network of 2.4 million truckload shipments per year.

Platinum Level – Carriers that have achieved the highest level of performance for our customer base
Gold Level – Reached an exceptional level of performance for our customer base

Development Carriers – Demonstrated ability for further growth and development; have unique offerings
Carriers are currently segmented into tiers as defined by the Transplace Tiered Carrier Program.

Click here for program details: Carrier Merit Program Documentation