To become a contracted Transplace carrier you must meet the insurance qualifications listed below. If such qualifications are met, please complete the Carrier Request for Information form. Once this document is submitted, please notify Carrier Development via e-mail at If you have any questions, please feel free to call Carrier Development at 479-770-7000.
If a network match is identified, we will then require you to complete our contracting process. Our standard contract can be sent to you after discussion of your company needs and how well we can fulfill capacity needs for both you and our shipping customers.
Excellent carrier performance may provide an opportunity for your firm to grow with Transplace.

Current Insurance Requirements to Become a Transplace Carrier
Carrier shall maintain, with reputable and reliable insurance underwriters that have an AM Best rating of B+, V or better (for USA based insurance), insurance policies with coverage of not less than the following. If required by applicable law, regulation or rule to maintain a higher amount than the following, that higher amount shall be the minimum:
  • Base requirements: 
    1. Cargo liability insurance covering risks for loss of or damage to shipments, in the minimum amount not less than 50,000 USD or 100,000 CAD per shipment; 
    2. Automobile liability insurance for bodily injury (including injury resulting in death) and loss of or damage to property, in the amount not less than 1,000,000 USD or 2,000,000 CAD combined single limit per occurrence; 
    3. Worker’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance as required by applicable law; and 
    4. Any additional insurance requirements under any and all applicable United States, Canada and Mexico federal, state, provincial and local laws, regulations and rules.
  • Increased levels; Customer requirements. Transplace’s Customers generally require higher levels of insurance than those specified above. Eligibility for hauling freight will depend upon the levels of insurance specified in your Certificate of Insurance. Carrier will not be tendered freight for Customers whose requirements Carrier does not satisfy.
Promoting Environmental Promoting Environmental Responsibility
SmartWay Transport Partnership
Transplace practices environmental consciousness and conservation on a daily basis through the application of proprietary technology to achieve efficient shipment routing and advance transportation assignment. Our constant systematic focus on the elimination of empty and wasted miles in the supply chain and the rapid deployment of transportation resources to eliminate idle time and lost production hours serves to reduce the waste of available labor and fossil fuels and to reduce air pollutant emissions associated with non-productive equipment operation.