We combine the most powerful aspects of Lean engineering philosophies with Six Sigma methods to deliver the right amount of high-quality products and services at the right time — with the least amount of effort and cost. Lean and Six Sigma are complementary and highly applicable to the transportation industry. While Lean focuses on eliminating non-value added steps and activities in a process, Six Sigma is about reducing variation from the remaining value-added steps. When carried out properly in tandem, they can produce unprecedented and lasting results — both internally at Transplace and for our customers.

By the Numbers : Transplace and Lean Six Sigma
  • Approximately $12 million in Type I and II savings
  • More than 125 internal and customer-facing projects completed
  • 10+ Black Belts trained and/or certified
  • 60+ Green Belts trained and/or certified
  • More than 10% of Transplace employees are Lean Six Sigma certified

Lean Six Sigma Principles

Customer Focus

  • Understand and deliver products and services that meet customer requirements
  • Provide efficient and effective processes and methods

Disciplined Approach

  • Apply a structured methodology to produce data-driven decisions
  • Study, measure, analyze, and improve work processes


  • Enable a culture of understanding customer vision and values
  • Foster a shared commitment to delighting customers